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Teat Dip Chemical Dispenser

Single Pump
The Knight Dairy-Chem single pump teat dip dispenser offers two efficient models - DC-I and DC-IS. The standard DC-I model is powered by compressed air and plumbs directly to an onsite air supply line. The DC-IS model comes with an air solenoid valve and a 24VAC transformer. When connected to a teat dip vacuum switch, this system can power-on and power-off with vacuum from the pipeline.

Double Pump
The dual pump system is capable of dispensing teat dip products to two areas in the milking parlor or it can also be employed as a redundant system with built-in "backup" pump that guarantees 100% uptime performance.

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Dairy Chem



System w/one 3GPM air operated pump. Pressure regulator w/filter dryer, plastic rotational molded watertight case and stainless steel mounting brackets.


System w/two 3GPM air operated pump. Three way valve pump selector. Pressure regulator w/filter dryer, stainless steel watertight case and stainless steel mounting brackets.
TDVS 7659502 Vacuum Switch Assembly