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Inductive Probe

When it comes to accurate chemical concentration control of wash water, inductive probes are technologically more advanced than conventional conductive probes. Inductive probes read chemical concentration levels by casting a magnetic field from two charged coils that are encapsulated in PVC. These magnetic coils never come in direct contact with corrosive chemicals and hard water minerals. As a result inductive probes provide consistently accurate and reliable chemical concentration control without ever needing to be serviced; unlike conductive probes that need constant maintenance and probe replacement. With inductive probes, even chemical suppliers with cost-guarantee accounts get peace of mind.
  • No Unnecessary Service Calls Due to Probe Failure
  • Accurate and Consistent Detergent Concentration Readings
  • Works Great in Soiled Water Concentration
  • Encapsulated Magnetic Coils
  • Built-in Temperature Compensation for accurate conductivity readings
  • Economically priced with lower cost of ownership

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Inductive Probe


Inductive Probe with 25' Cable