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OP Elite
Advanced Laundry Chemical Dosing System for Single and Multi-Washers

The On-Premise Elite sets the new standard for laundry chemical dosing systems by which all others will be measured! Innovative 'smart' dosing made possible by our precision flow meter technology, single or multiple washer (x4) dosing and advanced controls are designed to improve your profitability while producing visibly cleaner linen for your customer. Priced to compete with other small laundry dosing equipment, the On Premise Elite is loaded with meaningful new features that can set you apart from your competition.

  • Modular system allows for you to choose what you need
  • Scalable from 1 to 4 washer
  • Single Washer : 3 to10 chemical capable
  • Multi-washer : 4 to 8 chemical capable
  • Flow meter technology to ensure precise and consistent dispensing
  • 100 wash formula capability
  • 10 oz/min, 20 oz/min, 34 oz/min pumps
  • Simple programming with PC software included
  • Quick USB uploading and downloading
  • Chemical usage/operator activity reports with graphical summary into Excel
  • Full range of programming options

Flow Meters

"Smart Dosing" - Precise, Accurate, and Controlled Dosing

The OP Elite has the option for traditional time based metering or for more accurate and controlled chemical delivery, flow meter based technology. The economical flow meters will offer substantial return in quality, chemical control, and give you the peace of mind the pumps are operating as they should be from first install. With patent pending elliptical gear flow meter technology, the OP Elite can offer many of the solutions and benefits over time based metering:

  • OP Elite software and flow meter ensure accurate chemical injection based on actual chemical dispensed
  • Flow meter will adjust dispensing as squeeze tubes wear ensuring continued accurate dispensing
  • Proof of flow
  • Concentrates are metered to +/- 3% accuracy
  • Compensates for changes in fluid viscosity
  • Out of chemical conditions will produce an immediate alarm message and system shut down to prevent poor cleaning quality/staining problems
  • Long lasting fluid line components
  • Flow meter feed back provides precise chemical usage data for managing usage and costs

USB Uploading and Downloading


PC Programming and USB Interface

The OP Elite can be programmed for the first time using the OP Elite remote or by programming a system setup file using the OP Elite PC software and uploading the settings to the system using an USB stick. The OP Elite software, which is included with the OP Elite system, is a completely new software platform that simplifies programming and uploading.

  • Quick and simple USB interface for loading and downloading
  • Offers the ability to store multiple dispenser setup files for future use
  • Ability to copy setup files to and from USB
  • Stores reports for easy download to USB
  • Easy to read options with radial button selections, data field boxes, and drop down menus
  • Software options not utilized are disabled
  • Software allows for formula scaling to quickly adjust the formulas based on the weight/capacity of the washer
  • System programming is simply categorized to global settings, system settings, signal settings, and formula settings
  • USB uploading and downloading

Reporting and Data Management

  • Graphical summary reports for a quick laundry health check
  • Manage the laundry facility using the detailed reports that will show total costs, total cost per weight, formula costs, weight per formula, product cost, cost per weight, and many other management data


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On-Premise Elite
- 8080001 Base, Single Washer 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz -
- 8080000 Base, Multi-Washer 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz -