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SprayGuard Teat Dip Feed Products

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Adjustable Teat Spray Wand Economical spray wand with adjustable pattern
• Rugged, durable hose fitting connection
• Includes alternate low flow misting nozzle
• Spray tip rotates 360 degree

Knight’s new SprayGuard electric operated teat dip pump satisfies all the needs of today's traditional and high production milking parlors. SprayGuard is geared and designed to maintain consistent spray pressure, while reducing over all cost of ownership. Several innovative features including the industries only 24VAC pump eliminates the added expense of electrical conduit and lengthy installations.

Key Features:

• Exclusive low voltage (24 VAC) operation

• 115/230 VAC to 24 VAC power supply eliminates need for expensive electrical installation

• Continuous duty rated motor

• Anyone can install in minutes

• Operates up to six teat spray wands or delivery points at a flow rate of 54 oz/min (1.6 liters/min)

• Smooth “non-pulsing” dispensing

• Attractive, rugged #304 stainless steel cabinet

• Fuse protection with main power on-off switch

• Viton wetted internal parts with polypropylene pump head.

Pump Features

1. Quick release fittings

2. 60 PSI pressure switch turns pump off/on

3. Motor is internally sealed against moisture

4. Quick disconnect electrical connection to pump

5. Fuse protection with main power on-off switch


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SprayGuard Teat Dip Feed Pump

7641267 SprayGuard Teat Spray Wand
7641268 Replacement Teat Spray Wand handle
7641269 Replacement Teat Spray Wand handle pin
7641270 Replacement Teat Spray Wand 45° connector