Customer-driven Technology

Our company produces a wide range of electronics technologies that are used in the equipment we manufacture. Our technologies include microprocessors, sensors, actuators, printed circuit boards (PCBs), and communication modules. These technologies are designed to be reliable, efficient, and easy to integrate into our equipment.

Our digital controllers offer a multitude of features such as programmability, high precision, and advanced data logging capabilities. Some of our digital controllers can be programmed remotely via an external app, using either a thumb drive interface or direct cable connection to a computer.

We also write the software that controls our electronics technologies. This creates a better understanding in the development process of the end use of the technology which results in user-friendly menus appropriate to the application and consistency from one version to the next.

Our power supplies provide stable and reliable power for our equipment, even in harsh environments, and auto-sense the circuit voltage they connect to (90v-270v), making the units plug-in ready worldwide.

Overall, our electronics technologies are designed to provide high performance, reliability, and flexibility to meet the unique needs of our customers' applications.


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