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AODD pumps and Liquidtrol
Air Operated Pumps and Pump Controls for Automatic or Manual Dispensing

Knight’s Air Operated Double Diaphragm pump is the engine that drives an entire range of new chemical management solutions for the Food Chain Hygiene, Laundry, and Industrial markets. In combination with the Liquidtrol, the AODD pumps becomes a cost-effective chemical control system with accurate liquid dispensing for food & beverage, dairy, laundry, and industrial applications.

KAP-50 (1/2" AODD Pump System) & KAP-25 (1/4" AODD Pump System)

"AODD pumps are engineered for aggressive chemicals and high duty cycle applications."

Knight’s Air Operated Double Diaphragm pump is the engine that drives an entire range of new chemical management solutions for the Food Chain Hygiene, Laundry, and Industrial markets.

Key Features:

  • AODD’s are engineered for aggressive chemical, high duty cycle applications.
  • With minimal moving parts, the AODD pump has an Extended Life
  • Variable Metered Flow Control
  • High Speed Flow: KAP-50 (14 gpm) and KAP-25 (4 gpm)
  • Cross Application Advantages in Food & Beverage, Dairy, Laundry, and Industrial
  • Dependable and Low Maintenance with a patented Air Valve System

1/4" AODD Pump
4 gal/min (15 liters/min)

Uniflow KAP-50
1/2" AODD Pump
14 gal/min (53 liters/min

The KAP is a proven and reliable 1/4" air operated double diaphragm pump that delivers 4 gallons per minute pumping power. The condense AODD design is ideal for on-demand intermittent pumping requirements. The KAP-25 is built for years of operation and low cost of ownership.

The KAP-25 features a pattented ESADS+Plus system. This in-line serviceable air valve system ensures reliable and accurate performance.

The KAP-25 also offers tremendous versatility. Available in Polypropylene and Kynar wetted materials of construction, with Santoprene, Viton or PTFE interior

Uniflow KAP-50
Constructed of heavy duty plastic, the center section resists corrosion from even the most aggressive chemicals, while providing injection speed and uniform flow under the most rigorous environmental conditions.

Fast priming and the industry’s best life cycle performance will improve your chemical process with the lowest possible cost of ownership.

The KAP-50 1/2” size pumps are for the jobs that require higher flow rates with accuracy and reliability.

Pump Enclosures for KAP-25 & KAP-50 AODD pumps

Uniflow Pump Enclosure for

Uniflow Pump Enclosure for KAP-50

Knight Uniflow AODD pump enclosures satisfy the need of plant operators and chemical suppliers who require the protection and safety advantages offered by a rugged stainless steel enclosure for high pressure chemical feed pumps that operate in, wet and hostile plant environments.

Key Features:

  • #304 stainless steel body, cover with hinge
  • Protect plant personnel from exposure to chemicals
  • Prevent tampering by plant personnel
  • Optional regulator/filter/gauge installed
  • Chemical name label pack included
  • Private label available
  • Optional KAP-25/50 AODD pumps installed
  • Wall Mount
  • Bottom suction/discharge
  • Bottom air inlet/air regulator location

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Get Instruction Manual KAP-50
Get Instruction Manual KAP-25

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Air Pump Controllers

Pump Controls for Automatic Dispensing

The Liquidtrol Chemical Control System is an advanced controller for the Uniflow Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump. In combination with the Uniflow, Liquidtrol0s cost-effective microprocessor electronics initiates, limits, cycles, triggers or regulates pumping activity. Knight offers three versions depending whether you want to control the pumping activity through a time feed, event feed, or cycle feed.

Features & Benefits:

  • Preassembled/Configured Pump Control
  • Quick, Simple Installation and Programming
  • Watertight Thermo Plastic Control Enclosure w/Built-in Air Solenoid Pressure Regulator,
  • Pressure Gauge and Filter/Dryer
  • Private Labeling Available


Liquidtrol Applications:

  • Fill Jeri Jugs, Portable Foamers, Buckets And Other Containers
  • Automatic Feed For CIP Tanks
  • Automatic Feed For COP Tanks
  • Track/Conveyor Lube Feed
  • Bulk Transfer To Day Tanks
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Municipal Water Treatment
  • Machine Fluid Transfer
  • Food Stuff Transfer
  • General Industrial

ATC500 “Time Feed”
Microprocessor Limit Time with 0-12 min Programmable Run Time w/Lock-out Function
• Start Feed By Pressing Button
• Start Feed By Electronic Signal
• Control Feed By Electronic Signal
• Optional Remote Activator
ATC300 “Event Feed”
Microprocessor Event Timer
• 20 Programmable Feed Events/Per Day
• Battery Backup 24 Hour Clock
• LCD Display
• Non-Volatile Memory
ATC200 “Cycle Feed”
Microprocessor Cycle Timer
• 0 - 2 Minute Pump On Time
• 0 - 90 Minute Pump Off Time
• Apply Power To Start Cycle

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Liquidtrol AODD Series
Liquidtrol APC 200
Liquidtro ATC Series
Liquidtrol Remote Switch

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Pneumatic Pump Activator
- Pump Controls for Manual Dispensing

The industries first “out of box” pneumatic air pump switch for manual fluid feed applications.

This manually operated air switch is designed to operate any air operated double-diaphragm pump up to 1/2” port size or 12 SCFM. The built-in spring return provides “momentary” operation of the air pump. The pump activator turns the air supply off when the button is not fully depressed. The pump activator eliminates the worry of employees becoming distracted, leaving their chemical fill task unmanaged, creating an unsafe environment, or a costly chemical spill. This is the “safe and full proof” alternative to ball valves and on-off air switches that can be left accidentally running by operators.

Features and Benefits
  • #304 stainless steel case with mounting
  • Spring return to off state
  • Large palm style button
  • Color stickers to identify chemical/fluid color
  • Optional pressure regulator mounts on side
  • Easy to install/use

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Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump Units
Include: Kynar suction and discharge fittings

KAP-25-SP, 1/4" AODD Pump, Polypropylene/Santoprene, 4 GPM (15 LPM)

1600827 KAP-25-TP, 1/4" AODD Pump, Polypropylene/PTFE, 4 GPM (15 LPM)
1600828 KAP-25-SK, 1/4" AODD Pump, Kynar/Santoprene, 4 GPM (15 LPM)
Cabinet for KAP-25 AODD Pumps
7640638 AODD Pump Cabinet, Stainless Steel for 1/4" AODD Pumps w/ Mounting hardware
Uniflow KAP-50
Include: Kynar suction and discharge fittings

KAP-50 AODD Pump Poly Santoprene w/ Fittings, Hose Clamps and Suction Screen

1600945 KAP-50 AODD Pump Poly/PTFE w/ Fittings, Hose Clamps and Suction Screen
1600979 KAP-50 AODD Pump Kynar/Santoprene w/ Fittings , Hose Clamps and Suction Scre
1600986 KAP-50 AODD Pump Kynar/PTFE w/ Fittings, Hose Clamps and Suction Screen
1600979-1 KAP-50SK 1/2” AODD Pump Kynar Body/Santo W/O Kit
1600968-1 KAP-50SP 1/2” AODD Pump Polypro Body/Santo W/O Kit
1600986-1 KAP-50TK 1/2” AODD Pump Kynar Body/PTFE W/O Kit
1600945-1 KAP-50TP 1/2” AODD Pump Polypro Body/PTFE W/O Kit
Cabinet for KAP-50 AODD Pumps
7640631 Flow Guard AODD pump cabinet, stainless steel for 1/2" AODD pumps w/ mounting hardware
7407128 Regulator/ Filter/ Gauge mounted in case
KAP-25 & KAP-50 Options
0600508 Air pressure Regulator/gauge Kit with mounting bracket, air fitting and ball valve
2200082 Air Operated A/S valve with PTFE seals 3/8”
0200905 Plastic wall bracket for Uniflow pumps with mounting hardware
7541100 Stainless steel container shelf for 2, 2.5 or 5 gallons containers

Liquidtrol Air Pump Timer Controls

ATC-500: Air Pump Control w/ Limit Timer, Air Solenoid, Regulator, Filter/Dryer,
Gauge (115/230 VAC)

7641073-07 ATC-300: Air Pump Control w/ Programmable Event Timer, Air solenoid, Regulator,
Filter/Dryer, Gauge (115/230 VAC)
7641072-07 ATC-200: Air Pump Control w/Cycle Timer, Air Solenoid, Regulator, Filter/Dryer,
Gauge (115/230 VAC)
Air Pump Pneumatic Pump Activator
AODD momentary switch
7407013 Kit, regulator, w/ bracket and hardware