MX Solution Center

The MX Solution Center is a rugged, wall-mounted, dilution control and dispensing system that holds four bottles of concentrated chemical behind locked doors. Windows in the doors allow for sight of the product levels, taking the guesswork out of when to change the products. Features include a dial-4 selector for both mop bucket fill and spray bottle fill and a built-in flow regulator that assures accurate dilutions within a wide range of water system pressures. The snap-out valve assembly makes tool-less service easy without the need to remove the cabinet from the wall.

Also included are A.S.S.E. approved backflow preventors and pre-plumbed tubing and water connection hose, making the cabinet ready to hang right out of the box. Includes generic product identification labels.

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  • Simple, locking two door design for easy access and security.
  • Pre-plumbed with water and supply hoses for easy out-of-the box installation.
  • Large paddles to activate product with locking tabs for filling large buckets or large solution tanks of floor equipment.
  • Individual bucket fill and bottle fill hoses.
  • Easy-clean drip tray with drain tube connection.
  • Easy-read product selection knobs with defined “click” when turned to product choice.
  • Tool-less cover removal for easy service of internals.
MX Solution Center
Part No.


MX Solution Center, Flex Gap

OPTIONS -- MX Solution Center


Metering Tip Wrench


Pressure regulator (brass, fixed 45 PSI)


Backsplash type drip tray w/ drain tubing & mounting kit


Joggle bracket, 7.5” (19 cm)


Joggle bracket, 11.5” (29 cm)


Nipple connector


1/2” barb connection for incoming water supply (Black Polypro fitting 1/2 barb x 3/4” MGHT)


1 GPM Venturi insert (white)


4 GPM Venturi insert (black)


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