Knight manufacturers highly programmable, electronic laundry chemical dispensers for top load, on-premise, and industrial laundry machines. Connectivity options are available for most models.

One-Shot Dispensers

One-Shot™ Liquid Dispensing Systems inject one or two chemicals into top load laundry machines using an advanced microprocessor controller. The system allows manual or remote button activation and includes a “Product Lockout” feature to help control product use and costs. All models are complete in the box with a power supply, remote activator and 6-ft cord, ready for mounting without special effort.

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On-Premise Pro Series

The On-Premise Pro Dosing System provides economical dispensing with great versatility to on-premise laundry operations of all sizes. The highly programmable base unit can be configured to dispense three or six products to microprocessor-controlled washers and can be enhanced with the OP Pro Global Remote that multiplies the programming and data management features of the system.

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OPL Connected Solutions

Knight's OPL Connected Solutions are smart remote real-time dosing systems to control OPL laundry machines. These sensors-equipped dosing systems include self-checking and self-calibrating functionality.

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