Knight chemical proportioning systems offer the ideal balance of dispensing ingenuity, durability, simplicity, and economy to fit the dispensing needs of any size janitorial operation.

MX Plus

MX Plus dispensers are field serviceable and highly flexible proportioners, offering configurations that allow for up to eight products and two flow rates with a choice of Flex-Gap or Aire-Gap back flow prevention.

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MX Solution Center

The MX Solution Center is a rugged, wall-mounted, dilution control and dispensing system that holds four bottles of concentrated chemical behind locked doors. Includes mop-bucket-fill and spray-bottle-fill features.

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Featuring a single-choice selector dial, the Sani-Select can be used to accurately dilute and deliver any two chemicals or deliver a heavy dose and a normal application dose of the same chemical. As a flexible chemical applicator, it produces a wet foam for cleaning and a course spray for surface sanitizing or rinsing.

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