Power Bowl Ultra

Dishwashing solutions

The Power Bowl Ultra is designed to dissolve solid or containerized powder detergents evenly and efficiently. This improved bowl feeder is well suited for any laundry, warewashing or general-purpose chemical cleaning application where reliability and cost efficiency is a must.

The Power Bowl Ultra features a center spray jet that evenly and efficiently dissolves solid chemicals to minimize product waste and provide more efficient chemical consumption.

The Power Bowl Ultra works with all industry standard solid and powder capsules. This sturdy yet easy-to-operate bowl feeder is designed for use under the most challenging conditions, resulting in fewer service calls and greater customer satisfaction.

  • Rugged Molded Plastic Construction
  • Reliable, Safe Water Inlet Valve
  • Top or Wall Mount
  • Efficient Spray Pattern for Solids or Screen Cap Powders
  • Plastic Vacuum Breaker
Power Bowl Ultra

PB Ultra


PB Ultra w/Plastic Vacuum Breaker, w/Accessory Kit

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technical data

  • 6.75" W x 7.5"D x 7"H
  • 17.1cm x 19.0cm x 17.7cm
  • 5 lbs.
  • 2.2 kg