Sink Bowl

For Manual Washing and Silver Pre-Soak Dispensing

The Sink Bowl is a robust manual dispensing system that erodes containerized solid or powder detergents for filling sinks, bus pans or other receptacles. The manual operation assures simplicity; there are no batteries to change, no electronics to service and it’s incredibly easy to install.

The Sink Bowl features a center spray jet that evenly and efficiently dissolves solid chemicals to minimize product waste and provide more efficient chemical consumption.

Chemical concentration is controlled by adjusting the control valve that supplies pressurized water flow to the bowl spray jet. Water that is not used for dissolving chemical is diverted and mixed with the chemical output via a durable “Y” connector mounted on the bowl discharge.

  • Pre-Assembled, Ready To Install
  • Simple Installation
  • Secure Concentration Adjustment
  • Rugged Actuator Handle
  • Plastic Vacuum Breaker
  • Reliable Operation
  • Low Cost
Power Bowl Ultra

Sink Bowl


Sink Bowl with Control Valve and Vacuum Breaker

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technical data

  • 10.5" W x 7.5"D x 20"H
  • 26.6cm x 19.0cm x 50.8cm
  • 7 lbs.
  • 3.1 kg