SinkMate Plus

Facility Solutions

SinkMate Plus dispensers are the most field serviceable and adaptable in the industry. Tools are only needed to mount the backplate to a wall using the included screws and anchors. The cover and internal components utilize a simple yet effective tool-less design for easy serviceability and adaptability.

SinkMate Plus dispensers feature a durable, easy-to-clean stainless cover and are available in one or two engine cabinet designs. The cover pops off with a firm tug to provide access to serviceable parts. All of the components can be removed or installed with a quarter turn.

Solution flow is controlled by smooth-turning shut-off valves with 1/4-turn handles. Knight's flow regulator technology is built-in to guarantee accurate sanitizer dilutions in a wide variety of water conditions.

  • Tool-less components with 1/4-turn connections and double O-ring design
  • 1/4-turn valve handles
  • Easy-service diaphragm with 1/4-turn cover
  • Snap On/Off cover
  • Included tip kit and poly tubing, foot valves and product labels
  • Optional compression, John Guest, or barb fittings available
  • Built-in Flow-Control technology for accurate dilution in varying water pressures
SinkMate Plus Dispensers
More Templates
Flex Gap


SinkMate Plus 1 Product, 1 each Bucket Fill @ 4gpm



SinkMate Plus 2 Product, 2 each Bucket Fills @ 4gpm

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technical data

Flow Rates
  • 4 GPM (15.2 LPM) bucket fill
Back Flow Prevention
  • Flex-Gap (Aire-Gap available)
Maximum Water Temperature
  • 140° F (60° C)
Optimal Minimum Water Pressure
  • 30 PSI (2 bar)
  • A.S.S.E.
  • I.A.P.M.O. (UPC)